Gait and Balance


Gait and balance problems exist when a disease process, trauma, or aging result in inability to control one’s center of gravity (COG) over the base of support (BOS) in static or dynamic task and environments.

Musculoskeletal problems, whether orthopic or neurologic in origin, can contribute to balance and gait difficulties because certain levels of mobility and strength are required to execute movement within functional parameters. Automatic postural strategies, such as an ankle or hip strategy, operate to keep the body over the center of gravity when a disturbance to balance is presented. The larger the disturbance is, the more intense the response. If there is inadequate range of motion at the ankle, or weakness in hip musculature, these strategies cannot be adequately used.

We offer rehabilitative expertise and specialized programs that treat a variety of conditions including, but not limited to the following:
  • Arthritis
  • Back pain and neck pain
  • Sport medicine
  • Pre and post-surgical rehabilitation
  • Neurological disorders including strokes and head injuries
  • Joint replacements therapy including hip and knee replacements
  • Tendonitis/Bursitis/Synovitis
  • Knee injuries including ligament and cartilage problems
  • Foot and Ankle problems including plantar fasciitis
  • Balance and gait disorders
  • Work-related injuries
  • Personal injuries including auto and all accidents
Our treatment programs focus on the following:
  • Manual therapy and massage
  • Therapeutic exercises/activities including strengthening and range of motion
  • Core stabilization
  • Modalities including; electrical stimulation, paraffin, ultrasound, tens, hot and cold packs
  • Massage therapy
  • Patient education and support
  • Balance and gate training
  • Home exercise program (HEP)